NID Computer Hardware Engineering Technology


This training involves process of designing, developing, testing and producing computer systems and its various physical components computer systems such as sensors, processors & controllers. It is prevalent in newer fields such as mobile computing, distributed systems & robotics. As a Hardware Engineer, an individual would oversee the manufacture, installation & testing of computer systems, servers, chips & circuit boards. They are tasked with: Diagnosing & troubleshooting failed storage devices. Participating in the designs & development of electric circuits. Recommendation of the appropriate hardware. Analytics of user needs.


S.S.C.E or its equivalent. Credit passes in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English language and any other one from Metal works, Technical Drawing, Basic Electronics, Biology or Agricultural Science, Geography, and Further Mathematics.


2 Years


To impart the necessary skills leading to the acquisition of skilled, enterprising and self-reliant personnel in Computer Hardware Engineering Technology.

Payment Options:

Option A

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Expected Scanned Documents

  • All Certificates used during completion of registration form.
  • Evidence of payment.